Available Budget in %Month%:
+ 2,345.64
+ 4,300.00
- 1,954.36



Who can use this quick budget calculator

It is an online free budgets calculator to calculate and visualize any type of budget. This quick budgets calculator can be used as a budget calculator salary to calculate monthly salary along with all expenses and savings.

This calculator seems simple but this tool can be used for multiple purposes. The development of this tool is designed in this way people can utilize this budgets calculator to calculate any kind of budgets such as Wedding budgets, Travel budgets, Rent expenses, and other living expenses.

How to use this budget calculator application

Firstly click on the plus and minus tab, if you want to add the income choose the plus option then give the Desired name to income by typing in the description tab after that give the total number of salary, income, or budget in the value tab. Now click on the Submission button. The given budget will be added in the below section of income data.
If you have more than one resource for the income you can add them manually in this budget calculator.

When you have added the income. Then you can add the expenses following the same procedure but this time you have to select the minus option instead of plus because this time you want to deduct the expenses from the income. By using the same process you can add multiple expenses at the same time.
All the added expenses you can check in the section of the expenses tab along with the manual percentage of income.

In the header section, you can see total income and expenses data along with the percentage.

Feature of this quick budget calculator

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