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What is a simple calculator?

A simple calculator is an online tool that is used to do any type of basic to medium calculation.

How to use this free online calculator?

The use of the online calculator is super easy. The process to use this basic calculator is similar to the other calculator. You can do addition, division, extraction, multiplication, etc by using this free online calculator.CE button is used to clear the one-digit that you want to remove whereas the C button is used to clear the complete calculation. The functionality of the rest of the buttons is the same as the other calculators.

How to get the best free calculator online?

Hundreds of calculators are available on different search engines and various keywords are also available that can be used to search for an online calculator. If want to use one of them you can use these keywords to search.
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Who can use this simple calculator?

Everyone can use this simple calculator. The calculator can be used to do any type of basic calculation.

How to find the percentage of any number?

The process of getting the percentage of a number is consist of two-step. First is divided obtained marks with total marks and then multiplied by 100.