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  • Select desire size of QR code in between range 75 - 512. If it is not selected then dynamic size will be applied.
  • Enter your website URL / message / text / number / code snipets
  • Allowed 0 to 9, A to Z,space, $ % * + - . / :
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How to use this custom QR code maker?

The use of this custom QR code maker is simple. In this custom QR code maker, you can see the option to select the dimension of the QR codes. By using this you can set the dimension for the QR code. Moreover, If you want you can simply type the numbers in pixels otherwise the option of automatic selection is also available. All types of selection will be applied to the both width and height of QR codes.
In the text area, enter text and the numbers that you want to convert in QR codes. The limit for the words of text and the numbers, URLs is not limited. But the recommended dimension for the size of the QR code is between 75 to 512. When you have done both steps, you have to click on the convert button that will convert your data into a QR code. Your created QR code will be displayed under the section of QR code display here. After the creation of the QR code, the final step is downloading this custom QR code. Which you can do by right click on the QR code image.

What is the purpose to create custom QR codes?

The purpose to create custom QR codes is different and it totally depends upon you for which purpose do you want to create QR codes. Usually, businesses, software, and different always have QR codes for verification.

Is QR code generator safe?

Yes, QR code generator is safe to use.

What type of QR codes can we create with this QR code creator?

You can create these types of QR codes (text to QR codes, numbers to QR codes, URL to QR codes, code snippets two QR codes, messages to QR codes) by using this QR code maker.

Can QR codes give viruses?

No, generally QR codes never give the virus. But the different places where you will use the QR code can give.

Is there a free QR code generator?

Yes, there are many different and free QR code generators are available in the online digital world, and our QR generator is one of them.

How to create Custom QR codes?

It is really simple. You just have to open any custom QR code creator and paste the data you want to use for creating a QR code. Thus you can create your own custom QR code.

How to get a free QR code?

Except for our free QR code generator, Many other online free custom QR code creators are available.By using any of them you can create QR codes.

What does QR stand for?

QR stands for quick response.

How many types of QR codes are available?

31 types of QR codes are available and you can create them by using different QR codes maker.

How many QR codes can I create?

The limit for generating QR codes is unlimited. You can create unlimited custom Qr codes by using this free QR code generator.

Are QR codes unique?

Yes, all the QR codes that you will generate by using different data will be unique.