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WebP Converter

Convert from and to WebP fast and easily from your browser.

Drag and drop your image file or click below to pick it, adjust the format or quality and hit the save button — WebP files will be converted to PNG/JPEG/GIF and viceversa.

Drag and drop your image or click here

How to use this Free webp converter?

The method to use this Free webp converter is easy. In the area of source file drag and drop the file that you want to convert then adjust the quality and format of images (convert weBP to JPG,JPG to weBP, png to gif) according to your need by using this Best webp converter then hit on the save button for saving the created file. The clear button will be used to clear the created images in case you want to remove the converted file or want to convert more than 1 image.

Who can use this webp converter?

Anyone who is willing to change the image formats from weBP to JPG and JPG to webp can use this webp converter.

Why use weBP to JPG image converter?

Reasons to convert weBP to JPG image format are different from person to person. Sometimes where we want to use the images they do not support the jPG format so we have to change the JPG format to the particular image format.

Can I convert a webp file to JPG?

Yes, it is possible you can convert webp file to JPG By using an online webp converter.

How do I change a WEBP to a PNG?

Go to the browser open any WebP converter then select your wanted file and convert your WebP into PNG within a few clicks.

Is WebP better than PNG?

PNG is the best image format but WebP is 30% less in size with the same quality than the PNG images, therefore, WebP loads faster and it is the reason behind the popularity of WebP image format.

Can webp be compressed?

WebP is already compressed and smaller in size than PNG but still if you want to compress then use the Loosy option of WebP converts.

Webp Is supported by Safari?

No, currently webp is not supported by Safari. Webp was created by Google to use in Google Chrome so presently it can be used on specific search engines.